A Practical Guide to Haemostasis

Global Fibrinolysis Capacity [GFC]


The Global Fibrinolysis Capacity [GFC] assay is an automated method for studying fibrinolysis in detail.

Principles & Methodology

The assay is performed in a microcuvette at 37C to which the plasma to be assayed is introduced with a fixed amount of Silica and t-PA. Calcium and Thrombin are then added to the sample to generate a Fibrin clot.  Clot dissolution is recorded over time by measuring changes in light transmittance. 

Reference Ranges

The GFC assay has a lysis time of 30 to 60 min in normal individuals with a mean value of about 45 minutes.

What Test Next?

Evidence of hyperfibrinolysis or hypofibrinolysis by the GFC assay requires additional investigations to establish the underlying cause.  This may entail assays of individual factors involved in Fibrinolysis or sequence analysis of the relevant genes.